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Finally Hanging Pictures and Wall Decor Is Easy As 1-2-3
Colorado Springs, Colorado -- May 30, 2011 --

The Innovative DOT Marks the Spot is the Key Solution to ALL of the Consumer’s Project Hanging Needs

Created to solve the frustration associated with mounting pictures and wall décor, DOT Marks the Spot, Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO has just launched a new product, DOT Marks the Spot. DOT Marks the Spot is an all in one kit that easily marks fastener placement on the wall every time. This Universal Marking System provides a simple method of temporarily marking the exact spot on the wall where the fastener will be installed. DOT Marks the Spot ensures against making multiple holes in the walls and works with any type of fastening system (saw tooth, wired, keyholes, d-rings, etc…).

Unlike other marking systems, DOT Marks the Spot fits any type of fastening system, and works with any type of fastener (nails, screws/anchors, drywall hooks, picture hooks, etc…). DOT Marks the Spot leaves no permanent marks on the wall and specifies a more precise location without jagged or inexact markings. DOT Marks the Spot is a beneficial tool for hanging projects like pictures, decorative shelving, mirrors, bulletin and dry erase boards, sconces, clocks, and even cabinetry.

The primary component of the kit is the DOT Target Marker. It is a one inch square of double sided removable adhesive with a  crosshair target and center hole. First, place the DOT Target Markers on the back of the project; aligning the center hole of the marker where the fastener will be placed. After leveling the project with the provided Sticky Level, the next step is to simply press the project firmly to the wall in the desired location, to transfer the DOT Target Markers. Finally, install the appropriate fastener into the center of the target, remove the DOT Target Markers, and hang your project…It’s that easy!

The secondary component of the kit is The Wire Track. It is a unique product that assists with the hanging of pictures that have a wire fastening system on the back. First, place the wire in The Wire Track and center it on the back of the project. The Wire Track adheres to the back of the project simulating how the wire will hang on the wall. Next, place the DOT Target Marker on the front of The Wire Track and continue with the marking process as outlined above. The Wire Track is great for many different applications (paintings, picture groupings and oversized projects). A whole house of projects can be hung fast and easy with DOT
Marks the Spot!

Susan Grillo, President/CEO and woman inventor of DOT Marks the Spot was frustrated with the thought of hanging a shelf she had purchased for her daughter’s room. “I remember thinking to myself…there has to be a better way! I let a beautiful shelf sit on the floor of my daughter’s room for six months because I dreaded the difficulty involved in hanging it. I wanted an easier way…so I invented it!” said Susan Grillo.

DOT Marks the Spot is a 50-piece kit that includes DOT Target Markers, Wire Tracks, Accessory Pieces, Drywall Hooks and Nails. It also includes a Sticky Level, which can be used to level any project prior to marking the fastener placement. The DOT Marks the Spot kit has a MSRP of $11.99 and is available at and at a growing amount of retailers nationwide. For more information we can be reached by email at, or by phone at 719-246-1112.

DOT Marks the Spot – “Keeping Your Projects on Target”


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PATENTED PRODUCT  - US Patent 7350312; US Patent 7185442